Laundry Production Payroll

Payroll costs for wages paid to hourly employees who handle linen, including laundry production, soiled sort, washroom, flatwork, ironing, tumble dry operation, etc.


Management Payroll

Employees who handle linen inspection, linen control, janitorial services, machinery repairs and maintenance and internal linen distribution.


Employee Benefits

Includes payment of social security, workers compensation, holidays, one-or-two week vacations, state unemployment (varies), health insurance (varies), union contributions, etc.


Laundry Chemicals

All detergents, alkalis, bleach, sour, fabric softener, bacteriostatic agents, starch, etc.


Maintenance, Repair, and Parts Costs

Includes all machine repair parts, lubricants, drive belts, iron pads and covers, tools, boiler treatment and water softener salt.



Gas, electricity, fuel oil and water account for a large part of expenses.


Taxes, Licenses & Permits

Taxes, licenses and operating permits paid by the facility and allocated to laundry operations.


Equipment Costs

Equipment experiences wear every time it is operated. Replacement costs must be considered.


Insurance and Other Business Expenses

The cost of employee insurance and company liability insurance is soaring. By not having on-site laundry, it’s dangers, and the higher insurance rates that come with it, insurance costs and liabilities can be reduced by a significant amount.